3.9 Cu Ft Grit Bin – 110 Litre / 110 kg Capacity

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The 110 Litres Grit Bin is suitable for storing grit/salt on residential and commercial premises. Constructed from durable and UV resistant polyethylene, the 110 Litres Grit Bin is an ideal grit storage solution.

Our full range of Grit Salt Bins are designed with an angled lid to minimise the amount of snow and ice settling on the top of the bin, ensuring ease of use in winter weather. Also built into the design are channels for lifting either with a pallet truck or a forklift, which ensures the bins can still be easily positioned even when fully stocked with grit salt.
Our 110 Litres Grit Salt Bins are inter-stackable ideal option for storage throughout the summer months when not in use.
Keep the areas around your home or business ice free this winter by storing your grit/salt in our 110 Litres Grit Bins.
Product Specification:
Grit Bin Size: 110 Litres
Width: 650mm
Height: 570mm
Depth: 500mm.
Grit/salt storage capacity: 110Kg
Colour: Yellow, red or green