7 Cu Ft Heavy Duty Grit Bin 200 Litres / 250 kg Capacity

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Our 7 Cu Ft Heavy Duty Grit Bin is one of the UK?s best-selling small bins because it is extremely tough and virtually indestructible. This grit bin is popular among councils and local authorities looking for durability and affordability. They are commonly placed at the roadside and around car parks.

With a capacity of 200 litres (250kg) it is suitable for storing grit / salt on residential and commercial premises.
Fitted with one electro-plated hasp and staple which will not rust (padlock not included).

?GRIT? logo moulded into the lid.

Constructed from UV-resistant polyethylene, this bin will not discolour in the sun and can be kept outdoors year-round. 
Designed with an angled lid to minimise the amount of snow and ice settling on the top of the bin, it is easy to use during winter weather. The lid is hinged to ensure protection from the elements.

We offer this bin in a range of colours.

Keep the areas around your home or business ice free this winter by storing your grit / salt in our 7 Cu Ft Heavy Duty Grit Bins.

Product Specification:

Width 720mm
Height 710mm
Depth 750mm
Weight: 14kg
Grit/salt storage capacity: 7 cu ft / 200 litres / 250kg