Giant 50 Cu Ft Grit Bin – 1415 Litre Capacity

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This grit bin features a huge 50 Cu Ft (1416 Litres) storage capacity meaning it can hold well in excess of 1 tonne of grit/salt.

Ideal for larger areas such as schools, factories, dock yards, airports, shopping centres and any other area with a high level of activity.

The grit bin features an angled lid which stops the snow and ice accumulating during the winter months, thus ensuring ease of use even in the worst of weather.

Manufactured from Polyethylene, a tough and durable material which is UV stable.

Forklift channels are also incorporated into the design making the bins easy to move when stacked or fully laden.

Product Specification:

Height: 950mm
Depth: 1280mm
Width: 1180mm
Capacity: 50 cu ft / 1416 Litres
Colour: Black or Yellow