Recycled 14 Cu Ft Grit Bin – 400 Litre / 400 kg Capacity

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<p>Keep the area around your home or business ice free this winter by storing your grit/salt in one of our grit bins.</p>

<p>This 14 cu ft grit bin is manufactured from Polyethylene, a tough and durable material which is UV stable.</p>

<p>A cost effective choice for councils and larger organisations.</p>

<p>This Grit bin is manufactured from recycled Polyethylene, but this in no way means it is of lesser quality than our other bins. Because of this we can do the bin at a great price making it economically viable for a number of customers.</p>

<p>The grit bin has been designed with an angled lid so that during winter weather, snow and ice will not accumulate on the bin thus ensuring continued ease of use.</p>

<p>The bins can be stacked inside one another making storage easy when the bins are not in use. Forklift channels are also incorporated into the design making the bins easy to move when stacked or fully laden.</p>

<p><strong>Product Specification:</strong></p>

<div>Height: 850mm</div>

<div>Depth: 720mm</div>

<div>Width: 1100mm</div>

<div>Capacity: 14 Cu Ft / 400 Litres</div>

<div>Colour: Black with yellow lid</div>