UniKart Wheeled Grit Bin – 75 Litre / 75 kg Capacity

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The UniKart is a mobile solution to various applications. Suitable for the storage and moving of materials such as grit / salt, rock salt, absorbents, fertilisers, animal feed, garden chemicals, coals / logs and many more.

The UniKart is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Will fit through standard size doorways.

Manufactured from Polyethylene, a tough and durable, UV-stable material.

Features a slanted lid for water run off and also stops snow/ice accumulating during winter weather.

To enable continued ease of loading / dispensing of contents, the lid can be secured in the vertical position.

Large 75 litre capacity saves continuous refilling.

Features a large, ergonomic handle for easy use with outside handles to push and an inside handle to pull the UniKart.

Space efficient design means the UniKart is inter-stackable when not in use, thus taking up a smaller amount of storage space.

Low maintenance required – easy to clean.

Optional lock available.

Available in yellow, green or red.

Product Specification:

Height: 1070mm
Width: 590mm
Depth: 435mm
Capacity: 75 litres
Weight: 11kg